Safety sought,

but for not.

Raptors swarm around me,

snakes at my feet.

They bite, I resist.

They bite, I resist.

They bite harder, and harder, and harder.

I give in. There is nothing else to do.

Then, someone nearby one day and stops to help. Then others join in.

Somehow, the torment lessens.

I now realize that I have been so unable to comprehend how to properly conduct myself that I have been able molded into the very thing someone else wanted my to be – that is – tormented, even haunted, by fleeting memories and feelings of past occurances.

I realize that I have been fighting with my misunderstanding of my own culture, my own ethics, my own moral responsibilities that should have been address throughout my childhood.

Today I work toward a better me by letting go of who I was because I was who others wanted me to be therefore I was not truly me. I am discovering more about myself each day.

I hope to encourage you to do the same because in the end we are all Human beings with a purpose, with a connection, with meaning. What does being Human mean to you?

By Mugsimegatron

Hello fellow Humans! My goal is to reach as many people as possible to encourage growth through balance of mind and soul. Please feel free to read my work. Donations greatly appreciated.

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