Neutral Base

Social Infrastructure

Human Female Equality/Neutrality

Individuality Through Awareness

Women are still considered property by many men. Women are individuals and deserve the right to choose their roles in the home and in society. Neutral Base aims to provide information about the continued segregation of women in the home and in social systems.

Thought Leader for enabling women’s rights.

Through research and experiences I will demonstrate the challenges and accomplishments of women in every culture

Women are working hard to become important role models for the future generations. We entered the work force initially to fill the gap while men went off to war. Upon returning home women fought to stay in the work force initially and today have no choice. Unfortunately, women are still regarded as second class citizens as our entry into certain jobs and careers are limited with less pay than men. Many men recognize the segregation of women but these are few and far between. Women, and men, are still “expected” to perform certain tasks that men are fully capable of doing, likewise, men, and some women, are “expected” to fulfill certain roles laid down by men many years ago.

Neutral Base aims to expose the underlying issues between the two sexes, why this still occurs and how implementing change can bring forward the equality of opportunity to all Humans, regardless of sexually orientation, cultural differences and similarities.

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