Equality/Neutrality Within Humanity

We Humans are at a crossroads, a threshold for development of our Species. People continue to falsely believe that women are unable to have the same rights as men. Unfortunately, in reality, we struggle to receive equal pay and opportunities within our homes and social systems. Men still earn better wages for the same jobs, and women are still filtered into segregated jobs that were traditionally set up so that we are limited in what we can do for a career. Evidence of segregation within our species based on sexual orientation can be seen in our governments, educational institutions and churches. To date, according to the United Nations, only 10 women hold the position of “Head of State” and “13 women have a Head of Government” (unwomen.org). Equality is far from neutral. Men are still seen as having more capabilities of intellect, where women are seen as more emotionally supportive. It is recognized in our understanding of how the Human brain functions that women are just as intelligent as men. Women are seen as caregivers yet many men have proven to have this trait as well. In order to better any country, the representative in charge should be able to demonstrate a caregiver mentality as was recently demonstrated by the Canadian Prime Minister who brought home two Canadians, Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, from China recently, and women to have similar intellect. The act of Canada’s P.M. showed compassion for our fellow Canadians. Thanks to PM Trudeau there are 98 women in Parliament but this is still significantly low compared to 240 men. Why are these numbers so low for women? Suggested reasons are that not enough women are considering political positions, but more likely it is because men feel women are incapable of performing the expected tasks that men have always laid claim to. At the polls, how many women are represented on the ballot and are they being passed over due to sexism? The solution is simple. Next time we have an election, whether municipal, provincial, or federal, we need more women on the ballots.