Human predators like to trap their prey in the most ingenious way, seriously.  They plot and subplot (but learn quickly to improvise), ways in which to undermine their prey in order to obtain their reward for doing their job well, that is, the Human who is the prey.  Many have many Human prey by which they capture.

Human predators have become so adept at hunting that Human prey fall easily into their snares.


So many ways.

Such as:

Going behind someone who is looking for an item and being obvious to check the exact same spots.  This is actually due to a guilty conscience on the side of the predator who may not have taken the item, per se, but has other things on their agenda which they feel anxious about.

This can be anything.  Perhaps the Human predator meant to say one thing a certain way but said it in a way that caused a sudden realization in their Human prey.  Perhaps they did/did not do something they did/did not intend to do.

Either way, Human prey are susceptible to Human predators because of low self-esteem, visible insecurities in ones’ own abilities, guilt for anything, shame of anything, but especially oneself, and biggest of all, fear.

Human predators will persuade (nicely manipulate) their prey into anything they want once their prey lets down their guard.

Unfortunately, this can result in bitter, resentful Humans who know they have been made into prey yet can not seem to escape. 

This is entrapment.

Like any other animal on Earth, Human predators set traps for their prey, but, unlike all other animals on Earth, Human predators have been able to tap into their prey’s psyche in a way that enables mental, emotional, and physical bonding with their prey.  This bonding serves as a tight rope in which the Human predator can make their prey walk along but, inevitable, only with their help. 

This creates dependency.

Dependency of one adult on another adult is taxing to all.  Human predators are no different.  They can be worn down.  BEWARE:  Human predators are generally good actors/actresses or work very hard at becoming good so they can create a fantasy reality to which their Human prey will live and be their servant.

In essence, Human predators desire one thing – to be served.  They feel it is the obligation of their Human prey to fulfil the needs of the Human predator because if this was not the case, the Human prey would not have been caught.

This is how they manipulate their Human prey.

They take something, spin it around and turn it back on their Human prey in a way that the Human prey suddenly absorbs and acknowledges it as their own errors and misguided behaviours, when in fact, it is that which the Human predator actual possesses.

Once the Human prey are trapped in their new version of reality – that of confusion and doubt – the Human predator threads a new reality that is nurtured over time until their Human prey can see no other reality.

This is entrapment.

Another example can be seen in many relationships.  I, personally, have been through too many relationships and still I wonder how I did not see at the beginning how ruthless people can be.

I have recently discovered that the biggest reason, outside of the above mentioned, is that I enter all relationships with 100% of myself, that is, I offer 100% trust, loyalty, kindness, helpfulness, etc.  This is best for the Human predator because they simply take 100% of what a person has to offer and only gives miniscule amounts back, only enough to keep their Human prey around.

So many ways.

BEWARE of Human predators. 

BEWARE of Human prey pretending to be prey so they too can become Human predators.

This is the fight, the tug of war between Humans.

How can we see if a Human is predator, prey or just Human?  Definitely a background check is a good idea.  In a relationship based on feelings, performing a background check on someone will come across as insecure and having a lack of trust.

No.  It only feels that way.  Logically, if you do not want to be Human prey, take the essential steps to making sure you know what a predator looks like, not physically, in their reality.

Human predators use their body language, charm, communication, or lack there of, and mind to ensnare their Human prey.

Know what Human prey looks like, physically, mentally, and emotionally, and you will be able to build a defense against Human predators.

Any Human is capable of being a predator.  It is in our DNA.  This is why we fight each other and have wars. 

To stop any other animal predator, we generally kill the aggressors so that balance is restored.

Human animals are not generally, justifiably, not killed anymore for being predators because too many where actually Human prey put in jail by Human error.

Due to COVID-19, Humans have been subjected to entrapment by our leaders who do so to protect us.

To Human predators this can be seen as a great way to play with their Human prey, but even they get bored.  Video games can only satisfy Human predators for so long (I am sure they do other things).

Currently, we are seeing a surge in domestic violence because Human predators are failing or succeeding too obviously.  They require hiding their true identities so having a global pandemic has actually contributed to the plight of all Human prey.

Unrest in the masses causes chaos and fighting.

Religion and governments are failing to do their jobs because in most cases, they are the largest groups of Human predators on Earth. 

To justify this, I ask you to evaluate everything that each religion, government institution, educational facility, and all bureaucratically run enterprises has ever contributed to you. 

What have you gained from any of these “elite” groups?  They are all Human predators at the top.  They refer to themselves as “top dogs”, but they are far from dog mentality.

Human predators know stuff and learn their trade well.

It is the job of all Humans to identify with yourself where you sit in our species.

Are you a Human predator, Human prey, both, or neither (just Human!)?

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