Thoughts and Revelations

I wish I could write tonight but something stills my pen. I think of all the things I want to do but worry there isn’t much time. I want to research this country I live in and share with the world what Canada is made of. I want to write such horror as to compare to my hero Stephan King!
But first I need to eat and pay my bills. Right now, I hope only for work in writing, not retail, unless it’s writing retail!
I want to learn all I can about writing! If only someone somewhere would give me a chance, but, alas, thousands of others feel the same.
How can I compete?
By being better.
So now, I strive to be thus. I pray that somewhere, someone will find my work worthy, then,….then, I can eat!


  1. Interesting work here. Canada is a beautiful country, I’ve been there once but only to Vancouver. I like how you say “you pray that someone will find you work worthy and then you can eat.” That is sometimes how i feel when I’m on WordPress. I get so wrapped up in reading other people’s blogs that I forget to eat. I’m a college student and am looking for followers if you would follow me I’m a new blogger and would greatly appreciate it. Either way thank you for your inspirational writing.

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    1. Hey! It’s funny, because I actually meant I’m in the poor house right now! Lol! Need money to eat! Not to worry, after correcting my grammar errors, for which there were many, my book is now on its final stage to being published with I-Universe! I may still need to get an job other than writing for the summer but I am confident that I will be a full time writer in the near future!
      How about you? What are your aspirations?



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