Retail From a Dogs Perspective (2)

The first article/blog I wrote was about retail and the wonders of working within a consumer setting. I want to use this to briefly explain why the title is “From a Dog’s Perspective”!
First and foremost, it is in true relation to how a dog lives, at least one that has a shitty life! I’m sure that some retail jobs are rewarding but from my experience, I felt more like a dog that didn’t really want to do anything for fear of being reprimanded at every turn. I did my best and I was always told that I was a “good worker” but that wasn’t enough. I wanted more. I wanted to be more than a dog.
Two and a half years ago, I became a manager! I felt great! Finally, I would get recognition from something other than my habits of slugging through the day, trying to keep up with stock, sales and irrate customers.
I soon found out, though, that being a manager just meant that I was one step closer to getting out of the dog house. From there I was expected to run with the bulls, as it were but still remember that I was at the bottom of the totem pole, a lowly mangy dog that still had to adhere to the decisions of others. The interesting thing was that upper management were always telling me that it was my decision and that I had to stand up for myself.
Welcome to internal politics. Of course I already knew this existed but suddenly, I was on a whole new platform of retail politics, the kind werhere some managers played “games” with other managers to the point were there were actual teams, sides that you were on. Well, I like to sit on the fence and watch the game rather than participate. I found out quickly that this isn’t as easy as it was before. I found out that if I wanted to be neutral, I might as well quit. So I did.
I am now self employed, and broke. Certainly not what I expected. At least I now get to play with real dogs, the kind that walk on four paws and are excited to see me! I love looking after animals because humans are difficult to deal with!

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