When I was sixteen I asked if I could paint my room.  Suriprisingly, I chose pink with blue trim!  Although it was hard to see the pink once all my magazine posters of current famous boys of my age, I had pink on my walls for two years.  By the time I moved out, I hated pink!

Today, I don’t hate the colour but pink is definately at the bottom of the list for things to wear or purchase!

Of course there is the singer Pink!  I don’t really listen to her music but I like it!  Good artist!

Then, of course, I am reminded of a past Supervisor who knew my temper at work and tried to help me to manage it.  She always told me to thing of pink bunnies when customers pissed me off!  I did not find that helpful!

Well, pink or not, I am back to write!  Still hopeful that I will be an auther someday and beg each and every one of you to think twice before you think pink about IUniverse!

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