Personalities are characteristics that are a part of our individual person.Being aware of your personalities/characters you portray to others is very important.

Know thyself.


We are, in a suitable setting, permitted to learn who we are as we develop through our lives, beginning, well, at the beginning!Unfortunately, many people live in dysfunctional homes where there can be only one parent or neither present (children not raised by their parents, that is, rather a guardian , or children raised with neglectful parents), alcoholics, drug addiction, any form of abuse or neglect which leads a child to be dependent and thirsty for attention no matter what form this attention takes. By understanding behavior through genetics, psychology, conscious and subconscious behavior at many stages, we can determine who we are. Learning about our personal history can help us determine our present and future selves. The biggest obstacle is that people tend to get wrapped up in the warm of memories, even if these memories cause us pain. We then live in these memories as if they are happening to us in the present or will transpire in our future. This gives us feat in ourselves and in our abilities to move beyond past mistakes. This enables us to become stagnant in our thoughts and in our relationships with each other.

People tend to cling to certain persona’s, especially, those who are still suffering mentally and/or emotionally. Personalities are developed before birth by the experiences their mother endures during pregnancy and in their immediate environment after birth.

Certain happenings can cause us to become traumatized and stuck in the memory of suffering. We are taught early that humans were born to suffer so we willing take on this suffering to be fate. Trauma, in the simplest form is an experience, experienced in a way that your body and mind react naturally to.External forces such as, in the case of a death in the family, contributes to trauma. The primary additive to trauma is influence. For those people who recognize the signs of trauma, they have a greater chance of being either helpful or hindering. Each personality/characteristic is developed/conditioned from conception forward. Our external environment, including parents, siblings, etc.,influences the development of these personalities/characteristics. Being aware of your personalities/characteristics you portray at home, and/or, at work helps redefine you as an independent individual. People tend to cling to certain persona’s especially the ones that give us painandsuffering as apposed to joy. More likely, the individual who are still suffering from natural or environmental traumas, such as the death of a family member, after the incident, are more likely to be susceptible to manipulation and deceit.

For example, when a loved one passes, we take on a different approach to our lives and the lives of others. It becomes easier for false information to sift through the cracks of the mind. How quickly one heals depends upon the state of mind before, during, and after.

Healing, from any trauma, depends on two factors. One, it becomes more precious (life), thus stronger, or two, we become weakened.

Safety, trust, and honesty are three main ingredients for healthy healing.

Anger, violence, and insecurities lead to the beginnings of being susceptible to becoming either a human predator or human prey.

Strength to heal comes from the inner self and supported family and peers.As the individual develops over their years, they can remain in a state of unawareness if they do not fully comprehend what happened (that is, they are in a stateofshock). They can also dip in and out of stages at any given time.

There are those among us that simply do not have the ability to perceive mistakes or trauma as detrimental to themselves and others. These types of people can create chaos in the minds of people who have suffered traumatic experiences. These people take joy in causing suffering. These people are “evil” in the true sense, whether you believe in supernatural entities or not. These people are messed up, literally, either genetically or through environmental causes.

It is, therefore, important to know exactly who you are inside and not let others dictate who they think you should be.