Global warming

I can’t understand why people still believe global warming is a hoax or a money grab. Even if you don’t want to listen to scientific proof that global warming is real, just look at the way the weather has been changing. The United States has been experiencing winter in States further south every year. Canada, I where live in North-West Ontario, has been experiencing a fluctuation in climate over the years. When I came to school in New Liskeard, Ontario in 1992, the snow plows would plow the snow from the roads so high that we couldn’t see the barns and schools. Now we get more severe temperatures and less snow fall. That’s only twenty-five years.
I believe people need to wake up to reality and understand that another ice age is imminent and will come sooner than you care to admit and the only thing that will save humans is humans.
Later I will touch on how we can save our species, in my opinion.

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