Let’s get serious

I am a Sociologist at heart. It was actually quite by accident how I discovered this. I had applied for College but then someone suggested I take the entrance exam for University. Sure enough, I passed! I began my first year in introduction courses as I wasn’t sure what I could possibly be good at! The introduction to Sociology was the entire year instead of just one semester and by the end of it, I was hooked!
I went on to my second year with a heavier course load in Sociology and minoring in History. I enjoyed this very much.
My boys dad decided that we should move out west and since we were just newly back together, I decided to go. I had a $3000 scholarship to go to a University there to continue my studies but upon arriving found out that this would not be possible. My hopes and dreams crushed, I tried to take on the stay at home mom but I couldn’t do it. It wasn’t long before we separated again but I had to wait six years to return to Ontario.
Today, I live too far north to go to the University but I would still like to finish my degree so I will eventually finish online. I found that there are finally Universities here in Canada that offer Sociology online.
In the meantime, I am back to studying on my own. I am seeking employment on writing about social issues across Canada and Globally. I am interested and compassionate about the poverty levels, homelessness, inequality, crime, aging, youth, technology and how it effects people of all ages, health care, drugs and alcoholism, human rights, animal rights, diversification, unemployment, welfare, work and pensions, and environmental concerns. This is a large range, but, it’s Sociology. This will take many years of dedication and research! I look forward to the challenge!

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