Dating 101

A very good friend of mine recently brought to my attention that South Korea has become such a society that warrants a class specifically to learn how to date!

As humorous as this may sound, I stopped and gave it some thought.

I am single now.  I am also living in an environment where I can finally identify with who I am and move forward in all aspects of my life.

I wondered, suddenly, how to date!  I have been in and out of too many relationships but how does one go about dating someone else?

There are many variations to dating.  With my past relations, there was sex right up front which is probably why they didn’t last – because I got emotionally clingy.  So how do you not become emotionally clingy to someone else?

Really, it’s a matter of internal strength.  I have and will always speak of the internal strength that we must develop to build a stronger barrier than the wall we build on the surface of our persona.

Most of us that have been hurt find that we have difficulty not letting people in.  We build an invisible wall to barricade against anyone who tries to get to know us, and with good reason.  Many people will hurt you.  Many people are driven to corrupt the lives of others.  That’s just the way many people are.

Yet, I have to believe that there are many people out there with kind hearts, who truly do want to be sincere and caring.  Those are the types of people I would like to know.

Who knows, maybe one of them is the right one, but, its the freedom to choose and the freedom to enjoy all that every one of them has to offer, that is dating.

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