Morals, Ethics and Values

A moral is a core feeling which grows exponentially into a belief, and belief systems, within an individual Human, and their group environment. The acknowledgement and acceptance of what is just, based on what our planetary environment demands of us, gives one the sense of morals. 

Morals are vast and complex because they lie within the folds of the Human psyche.  This psyche should reflect the equal balance between all Humans, and between Humans and the environment they inhabit, Earth and beyond.

All Humans are capable of being “good” or “bad”, that is, working for, or against, what is morally just. 

Many people debate whether we have a “clean slate” (capable of neither right nor wrong) when we are born.  Humans born naturally neutral towards “right” and “wrong”.  This represents only a fraction of the whole picture.

Our immediate environment (Human and nature) should direct and mould us into who we are to be in relation to the purpose we can serve (this depends on the individuals’ perspective of what attributes they have to offer to society).

Ethics are the rules we live by which are directed by our feelings of morality through honesty with ourselves and others; compassion towards ourselves and others; loyalty to ourselves and others; trust in ourselves and others; regard for ourselves and others; working for ourselves and others. 

Evidence of genetic imbalances in certain people suggests that some people are simply incapable of sharing just morals and ethics, such as those lacking empathy for themselves and others.  Perhaps in the future, technology will rectify this error in code.  

In essence, the reason why people murder, rape, steal, and commit any other crime can be seen through an error in the evolutionary DNA sequencing, or environmental conditioning.  

People have become corrupted, similar in a way, to a computer program becoming corrupted due to faulty processing (coding), or sabotage by hackers. 

A value is a comparable component that represents what a good or service is worth.  Our monetary value is equal to our available output or work based on labour output – physical/mental, present, and future.  Arguably, people who can not work due to physical or mental disabilities, still have monetary value.  There is always something that needs to be done, yet should be solely the purpose for that specific person, that is, what they excel at, not what someone else wants them to excel at.

Our morals and ethics determine our individual and group value.  The stronger our morals and ethics, the stronger will be our value because as individuals, we hold value in our very being based on our chosen purpose in life which enables one to be a useful part of society. In today’s society, I find people put monetary value onto feelings: of control, greed, anger, selfishness, hatred, deceit and tyranny.  Instead of rational thought, people use emotions to guide them, and tend miss the whole point of feeling alive and living life to its fullest.  Of course, sometimes, rational thought deems our choices idiotic, yet basing a decision on negative emotion creates blindness to choices.

There are a great many deciding factors attributed to moral thinking today, such as, bureaucracy, which encompasses all styles of communal representation, including religious processes. 

Religion is the largest bureaucracy of all and demonstrates a need for a supreme being to dictate what morals and ethics people should live by, instead of each individual seeing that the truth lies within themselves.  People make conscious choices to allow someone else to dictate what their lives should be.  In a micro setting, that is, family and close community, we allow our parents, siblings, peers, and friends to direct us into adulthood, and being socially productive.  How many actually get to find out what they excel at (their individual purpose) before choosing their career path?  How many are not given the tools (positive conditioning and guidance) necessary for an individual or group to be ready to face the challenges of a chaotic world because no one knew what tools to give?  

We all have a purpose, and that purpose can only be found in the individual.  That purpose can only be fulfilled by realizing, individually, what they are meant to do in.  Each Human has a purpose, therefore, has a value.

Currency was developed 5500 years ago to bring balance to the mass population through the placement of monetary value on products and services.  Instead of helping, this has hindered the mass population because of how the monetary value system actually works. 

An example of this can be found in any retail outlet.  Workers are carrying the load of two to three people during an eight-hour shift (or more) and, arguably, do not always receive proper monetary funding for this work.  This issue lies in the definition of the amount of labour required to earn the amount of pay which should be provided in relation to the production of goods, and/or rendering of services.  Basically, we need to be able to compare the value of work required to value of effort put into the work in order for everything to be fair. 

This opportunity is present in every country yet there are always “reasons” and “excuses” to push aside the recorded issues of poverty, homelessness, and environmental determinants that are escalating our current environmental crises.

Today, people in the “upper class” need to understand that people in the “lower class” find it difficult to survive in the ever spirally economy that is dictated by the “upper class”.

By separating Humans by worth, into today’s “upper and lower classes” (based on monetary value), individuals and groups are segregated into parameters defined by people who feel it is their right (because they are “worth” more) to dictate those parameters. Instead of encouraging neutrality of the mass population, they try to control it, which perpetuates the cycle.  This also puts a value on to an individual or group, which is immoral, in my opinion.  It is not the person who is for sale, rather, their talent and contribution to society.  Of course, there are many talented people in the world, yet I wonder how much of that talent goes unnoticed as leaders (from supervisors all the way up to ceo, and government/royalty) stuff their pockets with blood money.

Indeed, the mass population needs direction and, at times, control, if they go against what is morally just.  Educating people properly, not through propaganda, but through communication of knowledge and truth, will encourage people to grow bonded to their environment and the issues relating to their specific location. People need to feel a sense of belonging and attachment to their environment, thereby, encouraging proper maintenance of said environment.

From my perspective, currency of some form is needed to supply ones’ self, family, and community with basic needs of housing, healthcare, nutritious food and clean water, education that is current to the era, and basic clothing, and essentials (such as a bed, and other such needed items for basic comfort).  This is already common in many cultures around the world but in fragments, not as a whole.

The same principle should be applied to all living creatures.  Monetary value on an animal can be seen as the value that creature gives in relation to pleasure (such as a cat or dog), and work (such as a horse or sheep).  It is also to be understood that monetary value on the use of another living creature (preferably through the animal’s acceptance of its possible fate) should reflect its usefulness but also the environmental costs effected by keeping the animal(s).  Yes, animals feel.  I am an animal.  I feel, so does my dog.

Forests everywhere are greedily cut down to serve the purpose of building Human and animal accommodations and to clear land for agriculture to feed an ever-increasing population.  Environmental depredations are thought out, and published by knowledgeable people (it is their purpose), yet Humans in the general public continue to demand material objects that really have no significant difference in anyone’s life (unless there is sentimental value on it) such as cheap toys that break within a day.  Thus, our land is being polluted by garbage, and we are proud of it.


Because people do not realize and feel deep down in their core how terrible everything is.  We live in the veil of a reality that we drudgingly wake up to every day in order for each and every one of us to have basic needs met and some leisure on the side.  The reality is, we are the worst behaving animal species on Earth.  We work for others but not for ourselves.  Our environment is polluted and dying.  Along with it, since Humans are so greedy, we will inevitably destroy our planet, or perhaps it will destroy us first.

There are many hurdles for each of us to climb over, but we can do it, together. 

In a physical sense, such as when an individual or group try to prevent another from succeeding at their purpose, it would be advantageous for the whole if the parts (the people) were able to exchange products or services from jobs and careers they actually value as being worth their time, in exchange for the monetary fund that that specific product or service is worth.  This final worth needs to be based on a universal code that allows for all Humans to have basic living accommodations and necessities as well as extra currency for leisure because this is important to.  

Emotionally, people need to acknowledge the hurt, pain, and suffering which has been endured for centuries by all cultures, and subcultures, that is slavery.  Slavery, like all other horrid aspects of life, comes in many forms, from a daughter being made into a sex slave to a family of illiterate buffoons, to a person in chains, because they look different.  All forms of slavery are bad, yet it still continues, because we lack empathy, and responsibility for our actions.  We spend so much time and energy picking at each other’s behaviour, and lack of responsibility that we fail to look inside at our own failings and attributes. Definitely – rules are necessary to prevent people from committing any kind of energy toward immoral doings.  Definitely – we need enforcers of these rules.  Definitely – we must acknowledge leadership but the ways in which these people operate once in power.  Who gets to decide which Human becomes our leader?  Democracy, apparently.  We vote for leaders, well, here in Canada, we vote for the party of the leader you want in, a representative of the area.  These representatives are supposed to ensure that all

Humans in the areas they represent have access to all the needs that an individual or group has needs for.  Even in Canada, people are not provided for properly.

Cognitively, it is up to us Humans to get us out of the mess we have placed ourselves in.  Identifying with the problem is only part of the equation; all people need to accept how corrupt they have become and the potentials for corruption in the young we are raising. 

No more can anyone hide from the reality of the truth that Humanity is a cruel animal.  We can be so much more.    

As we begin to realize that we are behaving in a way that is morally unjust, we may find it difficult to overcome the obstacles and veer, seemingly endlessly, back to the habits we are desperate to leave behind.

Our internal suffering can be traced back to our ancestors, their migrations across the globe, right up to our parents.

Our parents did what they were conditioned to believe was correct.  Since Humans first stepped away from small, organized groups, into larger, harder to control populations, uprooting and spreading out of cultures, intermixing, modifying, subjugating, killing, maiming, raping, etc., became part of the norm of society.  We continue to simply hope they will figure it out, but they can not, not without help.

Honestly, I am still surprised that there is a population of over 7 billion people on this planet, at least for now, because of how good we are at metaphorically stabbing, and literally killing, each other.

Our parents learned from their parents, (all the way back to 5500 years ago, probably more) and, the environment, how to survive.  Survival of what they thought was right at their time.  Throughout the past 5500 years (probably more), people have turned a blind eye, threatened, bullied, abused, killed, those who were deemed insubordinate to the rest of the group.  There are many cases in history where people have been wrongfully accused of being just when those in charge are not just and alter rules to provide resolve in their causes.  An example of this is Darryl Hunt, “an African-American man from Winston-Salem, North Carolina” who was convicted by an all-white jury in 1984, to life in jail for a rape and murder he did not commit (Jeff Kelly).  There was no evidence that he committed the crime, yet, he had been imprisoned for many years (he was released in 1994).

Nothing excuses the behaviour or actions of the past, but it is essential to understand the reasons why things have progressed the way they do so that change can occur.  It is imperative to reflect on past mistakes, but it is equally imperative to acknowledge those mistakes to be unchangeable and that we remain corrupted in some fashion.  We must alter our behavioural patterns before we annihilate each other.

Many morals and ethics are missing from our lifestyles because everyone is trying to defy and deceive each other and, worst of all, nature.

Nature does not care what you think.  Nature will evolve to our chaos.  The more we hurt nature, the more nature hurts us.  There must be balance.

Nature teaches us how to adapt but we have exceeded adaptation, and through advanced cognition, we can now see things way differently than we could before.

Many things need to be instated into our Human Constitution, namely, loyalty and trust.  These two variables, among others, should be the foundation of Human Culture.

From my perspective, I see a world that is acting very much like animals living in a zoo with too many cages and too many animals inside.  It is now known that Humans came from the forests of Africa, but not all of us seem to have left the mentality of our gorilla, ape, and monkey cousins (sometimes, they seem more intelligent).

Loyalty today means staying with the same job for more than six months.  What about loyalty to our internal thoughts, and feelings?  Loyalty to our fellow Human; loyalty to our plant and animal’s welfare; loyalty to our families; loyalty to our culture; loyalty to our being?

Trust is a word that no one uses correctly.  I trust you, is undoubtedly followed in a person’s thought process with “but”, and this is because we have been conditioned over the past century, at least, to doubt everyone, including a spouse. 

The realization of the enormity of child abuse/neglect during the 1960s and 1970s in North America inadvertently caused upheaval in family settings as people were encouraged to spy on their neighbours and each other.  This was necessary at the time when people thought they could get away with behaving like pure animals for causing such harm to children (I still do not understand why people feel they have the right to touch another Human being inappropriately). 

Today, people have no trust in themselves, so, therefore, lack trust in others, and so find it difficult to navigate freely in their environment.  Trust must begin within an individual, then spread out to the rest of the community to enable strength in that community.  We need to trust our inner self before we can trust others.

We need to realize our global morals and ethics and live by them.  No God is going to bring you what you already have – the ability to fix YOU, yourself (with help from fellow Humans).

To attain theses valued thoughts, and feelings, one must find the balance internally, then, set out on a path that has positive direction and purpose for you, and the society you choose to live in.

Humans are unique.  We Humans can dream, realize, plan, share, enlist help, create, and implement projects that benefit all of Humanity, and nature.

Yet our exact use of our unique abilities is derived from expectations of oppressive people.  Not everywhere.  Thankfully, there are many groups of Humans that are seeing the truth and letting nature show us the way, for really, all nature, on Earth and beyond, is the only true god/dess who can achieve everything any metaphorical deity is said to be able to.

We need to get past our fear.

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