The Concept of Spirit

The spirit, or soul, is the essence of all existence.  It is my belief that without this particular energy force, nothing could exist.

In religious and cult circles the spirit is viewed as the embodiment of a supreme being, a God or Goddess, or many Gods/Goddesses.  In any of these ideals, the spirit is somehow transported to a person via an entity that is vastly more powerful, has more energy or better control of the energy flow.  The spirit and host are then seen as being under duress, or love, of a “creator”.

From a spiritual perspective, the Human essence is an energy force within the body and mind that brings clarity, focus, and logic to emotion, combining to create an energy so great that is like an invisible force shield to which only the owner of the energy can use for their purpose.  It is unclear where the spirit originates or how it becomes active in the Human to serve our purposes.

According to the scientific approach, the Human mind and body create various types of energy that is used in various ways to power our internal and external systems and allows for an exploration of the unknown on a different level.  Every cell in our brain and body produce energy in the form of electrified and non-electrified reactions that are then utilized for every known working system.

Excess energy is released in the form of heat.  Heat is a biproduct of the energy created by the body and brain.  But how do we account for our spirit?

Many have postulated over the centuries exactly what our spirit is.  Many convincing stories have given credence to an overlord (Gods/Goddesses), if you will, that is superior to our being and grants us the ability to be one with this entity (in exchange for worship and servitude) by allowing our spirit to descend upon us.

Is this true?  This depends deeply on an individual’s beliefs.  Just remember that in every religion and cult your spirit has monetary value because in order to gain your spirit you must give up your freedom of individuality, bow down, worship, and serve an unknown energy that is as equally unseeing as gravity.  This invisible energy requires a price far higher than any true energy form.

As fascinating as these stories are, and, quite believable, there is something that just does not feel right.

Over many years I have periodically researched the theory of quantum mechanics, specifically, string theory.

String theory is based on the discovery of microscopic particles that are within quarks, the smallest part of an atom.  String theory suggest that a particle/wave, can be in two different areas simultaneously but only when the particle/wave is observed do we see where the particle/wave will appear to us in our perception of reality.

The spirit can be seen as a particle/wave function that is a core part of any living system, micro – within plants and animals, and macro – within galaxies and universes.  The spirit then resides in all atoms which compose everything we perceive/feel to be real.

Reality is a construct of our thoughts and feelings.  The energy (spirit) which resides in every cell either weakens from abuse of the body and/or mind or strengthens from positive guidance and direction.

Spirit is weakened when energy within the body (that is, mass) is depleted by imbalanced and negative conditioning within the living cells of both the body and the mind.  Conditioning occurs from birth to death.  Given the right circumstances, a person can struggle all their lives with pain and suffering in their bodies and mind which allows only survival due to instinct, the need to live for an unknown reason.  These internal struggles within people have been blamed on Humanity for countless millennia, or on deities because it is easier to blame something or someone else for their imbalance.  This is truly a means for which others, Humans, can control the lives of whom or whatever they choose.

Through religion and cults, we are taught to be humble, but in a way that is dehumanizing. We are forced to believe that we are the reason for all the suffering, especially women, who ate the so-called apple of truth.  This very story of creation, which has been retold a number of times throughout history, is the seed that is put into every living person who is unfortunate enough to be manipulated into believing how evil Humans can be.

Now that science is proving to be more reliant because it is more logical, people now have a choice, to either continue to live under the false pretence that Humans are to blame for all evil in the world, or we can see a different perspective, that is, the concept of energy.

Energy is created within atoms and released as a biproduct of the bonding process of molecules.  The energy released is used for a variety of purposes.

Within each individual resides an energy that is unseen, intangible, yet is there.  We feel this energy when we feel good about something or when we are scared, nervous, etc.  It is in the individuals control as to how this energy is used.  Harnessing the energy of the spirit allows balance within that person.  This balance can be used to diffuse negative emotions such as anger.

In relation to string theory, this energy can “flow” to and from individuals, animals, and all living entities.  We create this energy as a biproduct of our emotions.  This energy bonds individuals to groups and to their environment.  This energy can be used to defend, to see things clearly, to manipulate others, to persuade or dissuade, to conquer or submiss.

Another way to look at it is to consider the matrix concept.  In the movies, the Matrix, energy is seen as a control mechanism used by machines to grow and control Humans.  In much the same way, Humanity has taken the balanced bonding matrix between all Humans and their environment that we left Africa with over 6000 years ago and created so many ‘errors in the code (program of life)’ that the matrix holding our species together is disintegrating.  Evidence of this can be seen everywhere there is poverty, homelessness, fighting, wars, murders, etc., so basically, everywhere you go. 

Today, Human population has exceeded what many deem the required amount of people for this planet.  We have many choices to make.

In our state of chaos, the future looks bleak.  Before we can embark on our next evolutionary mission as a species, we must decidedly shed ourselves of the irrational humiliation that has been conditioned into our societies by stories of harshness given to those who do not obey the laws of the God/Goddess of their choosing.  The biggest problem with this type of conditioning is that it continuously subjects the individual or group to atone for mistakes that may not be theirs to fess up to.  People also have a tendency to ask for forgiveness of sins believing that they can do what ever they want as long as they go to church and pray.  Forgiveness comes from within the individual, not from a deity that is possibly just energy that is so advanced that we do not fully understand it.  How can energy forgive anything?  Energy just is energy, then it dies.  Besides, with a balanced inner self, there is no forgiveness because no negative energy or action will take place, unless you thrive on negative energy.

Balance in energy in an individual or group is created from within the individual or group.  Calling upon other energy, that is, a God/Goddess, is accepting the reality that it is okay to ask for help from someone or something bigger than one’s self.  This is what religion and cults should revolve around – guidance and wisdom.

Spiritualism is the acceptance of that which you can not control, learning to control that which you can, and working in harmony with fellow Humans, animals, plants, and the environment.

String theory lends credence to spiritualism in that it enables one to envision what spiritual energy may look like.  We can send energy to others, via a hug, a kiss, a handshake, or a smile.  Our body language and facial expressions allow energy to either flow radiantly out of one’s body and mind, or, to hold that energy in.  The flow of this energy is like an outlet with AC/DC or DC/DC currents.  AC/DC allows electrical flow outward to loop back, while DC/DC directs the energy outwards only.

Spirit works the same way.  If you and your friend greet each other with open arms, smiling, energy is able to flow, invisibly yet felt, by both as ‘positive energy’.  If you greet someone you dislike with a closed posture, furrowed brows, pierced lips, the energy remains internal but is later released once the adrenaline is released and homeostasis is reached.  This ‘negative energy’ is what causes damage to our inner systems, body, and mind as it is held but then reeks havoc everywhere when released because there is no control of the flow of the energy.  The more we hang onto that negative energy, the more worn down the body and mind become and the greater the burst of energy when it is released (i.e., pent up emotions).

This is what has happened to Humanity.  No matter which way you wish to look at things, it all boils down to positive and negative energy.  The more negative energy we emit into our environment, the more toxic that environment will become.  The evidence sought is right outside your doorstep.  The world is full of too much negative energy and balance needs to be obtained if Humanity is to survive as a species.

String theory predicts energy outcomes by observing where the energy is found.  There are many forms of energy and spirit works in similar ways.  When someone ‘activates’ their inner spirit energy, releasing it from them, knowingly or unknowingly, it is ‘felt’ by whomever receives that energy.  Not knowing how to control our inner selves, especially our spirit energy, opens up so many possible issues that it disrupts the flow of the matrix of string energy.

Imagine a spider web where you are the spider, and you can feel the vibrations in each and every part of the web you have spun around you.  Each fly, mosquito, fleck of dust, that drops onto the web causes different vibrations to which you, as the spider, respond with adjusting to the flow of the vibrations.  Quickly, the web is cleaned to reduce the number of negative vibrations from whatever landed on the web, disrupting the balance.  In turn, the spider, you, eats and restores energy to its body and mind creating balance of energies there as well as the environment you, the spider, lives in.  The spider can send vibrations along the web to attract more insects through the release of energy.

In Humans, we send energy out to bond with others of our species, and, uniquely, with all other living beings and forces.  It is this uniqueness that is the cause of the fear in all Humans, leading us to believe in whatever we can to help us through trauma, crisis, and life.  Fear, guilt, shame, hatred, anger, are all very powerful energies that all Humans are capable of emitting out into the space we fill, and beyond.  This is the energy that is ruling our great nations, our planet.

Equally, by finding happiness, joy, love, forgiveness, caring, conscientiousness, compassion, everything that is has positive feeling (positive energy), all Humans can realize they are capable of emitting positive energy to their environment as well.

It truly is up to each individual Human exactly what kind of energy (spirit) they choose to allow occupy their carbon-based form.  It is also up to each individual to recognize their spirit as being separate from the whole yet also a part of the whole of everything that exists.

<p id="Spiritualism" value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">We are not better or worse, just different.We are not better or worse, just different.

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