In the Glory of What God?

    Today we stand divided, similar, yet different, from one another.
    In this year of 2021, Humans continue to worship greed, hatred, and pestilence.  Why? What God do you fight for? What God would want fighting amongst ourselves due to our ignorance of one another?
    I fear that people fight, not for belief in salvation but for themselves. Not for individuality, but for collectivism. For a true God would not ask his people to kill in his name no matter what the differences and certainly not because of our similarities.
    Humans are a Species divided by their own thoughts and presumptions of what is right and wrong.
    Through individuality, a cohesion can be brought forth to which all will benefit, from which the truth will prevail, and through which our Species can survive as a whole and as individuals.
    Inside of each Human body resides electrical impulses that are meant to connect with each other. This is what the concept of spirit is. This is the energy force given to each of us to enable cohesion within our Species.
    We are unique from other animals because we have the capability to recognize this energy and utilize it but only together as a species can we become that which God had truly wanted, a higher form of ourselves.
    Over the course of centuries men have used the concept of a God to unite people but only of their choosing, not God’s.
    God, in the concept of an entity which is beyond our comprehensive range, was made to be worshipped in order to control people who refused to think for themselves and who willingly gave up their individuality in order to be led around like sheep.
    Individuality is thinking for one’s self and then using one’s self, together with other selves, to build a world that is wonderful for all. This is the concept of cohesion.  Today we only see ourselves and what we want. What we need is to see ourselves and our fellow Humans together, as individuals and as a cohesive Species.
    In order to better work together and create a home world where all Humans can be allowed to benefit from the wealth, that is, healthy food, clean water, shelter, education, personal and social security, we must find that energy within ourselves, and each other, and utilize it for the greater good.
    Seperate, we are strong in mind, but together we create anything we need or want.  This is the true message:
    Think for yourself but think also for your fellow Human.
    Men of old took this and made it so it read: think for yourself and think for your fellow man, meaning that of men similar to those who shout loud enough will lead everyone else along. The biggest problem with the ‘everyone else’ is that we have allowed ourselves to be led by selfish people.
    Jesus himself tried to help men understand that God wanted his people to be individuals working for the greater good.  Men ruled out women even though Mary, Jesus’s mother, as well as, Mary Magdalene, Jesus’s wife tried in vain to make sure women were included.
    This is the very reason that I, personally, deny being Christian. Belief in a deity is personal, and Christianity, as well as all other religions and cults, were invented by men, not God.
    Belief in what is morally right and ethically sound does not require devotion to a God, but, instead, devotion to one’s self and the greater good of all of the Human Species. If I am wrong, then God will decide, not man.
    Acceptance of the reality that the world is in turmoil due to the greed of man, not of a God, is the first step in saving our Species.
    Secondly, we must relinquish control of each other and what we think we need to be alive, then reevaluate and reinvent the true meaning of our demise as a whole Species. Rather than try to kill each other off because men think others are impure and immoral, we need to make accessible all that is necessary all to survive.
    The next step is to realize that we are outgrowing our home planet but thanks to individuals who have worked hard, we are ready to step out into space.  We need to move into space as a cohesive Species because if we move forward as a broken Species we will surely perish. Not because a God does not want us to move forward, but because space is not kind. We need to work together as cohesive individuals so we can begin to populate other worlds, not as selfish beasts, but as a united people of Earth.
    Earth is ours and we have squandered it. We need to care for this world because right now this is the only home we all have, as a Species.  Kill our planet and we kill each other. Kill each other and we die within ourselves. I for one, wish to live.