The Human Predator

Over our existence, our cognitive processing (how we think) has evolved into a chaotic performance of the most horrific, yet lust after, series of events that continues to, inevitably, tear our species apart.

The ultimate predator of the Human species is other Humans.

Over the course of centuries, we have hunted every known creature, and have mastered these hunts, so hunting other Humans is the only challenge left to Human predators.

Humans that prey on other Humans are the most dangerous type of predators because the Human predator, in most cases, not only possess physical prowess, they also have the same potential of mental strategic capabilities of any other Human.

Predatory Humans are either born with a defect, inherent in their hereditary DNA, to which there is currently no “cure” because Humans are still discovering how the Human brain works.  We do require a warrior type group of Humans; today, everyone refers to this group as the military (any warrior in army, navy, or air, no matter which “side” they are on).

Predatory Humans are also conditioned by other Humans who knowingly, or unknowingly teach them how to fulfill the role of predator and/or prey, which is how the cycle is perpetuated.

Knowingly, or unknowingly, Humans who are, or become, prey are conditioned to be this way through manipulation. 

Manipulation of the emotional state of their prey’s life experience(s) enables a Human predator to wrap an illusionary reality in their prey’s mind.  In many cases, the Human predator becomes so adept to their trade that most Humans do not even realize they are living under someone else’s direction. 

Sadly, sometimes Human predators do not see themselves as predators at all, even though it may be pointed out to them. 

Likewise, Humans who are/become prey do not see themselves in their own role either.

Using both positive and negative conditioning, but especially punishment, emotional instability in their Human prey is used to perpetuate the wheels of suffering.

Both variations of predatory Humans (DNA or conditioning – or both), to which many sub-variations exist, use manipulation as a means to enhance the field of energetic bonding between them and their prey (discussed in another essay – put in link). 

Once the bond is created, general “feel good” comments, accentuated by physical touching of the elbow, arm, or face, directs the Human prey under the guidance of the Human predator by reassures of security but within their realm of existence. 

A predatory Human will use an individual’s, or group of individuals, experiences such as a sense of loss, or inadequacy, and especially, self doubt, against the individual and/or group, threading an emotional and mental canvas of false hopes and dreams.

Once an individual experiences a drop in their own feelings of self worth (what they can offer to society, as well as family/friends/peers), the predatory Human swiftly moves in to form a “veil of safety”, a matrix, or web, threaded together with smooth gestures and knowing expressions, all performed under the false pretense of personal security.

Manipulation of the Human mind is a procedure, an art form, if you will (a disturbing art form), which occurs when an individual is led to believe that they can no longer trust their own basic concepts of inherent emotions and thought processes. 

Individuals are forced to cover up their true identities and emotions in order to take on the false belief that is fed to them from a predatorial Human (or group of predatorial Humans). 

Human predators manipulate their prey by tapping into their Human prey’s reactionary system), that is, their limbic system (inherent instinctive response system that all Humans possess and is sometimes referred to as the lizard brain – fight/flight/freeze response system), that would otherwise keep us from being captured. 

This leads to a co-dependency by the Human prey towards the Human predator which encourages low self-esteem through ridicule (this begins as soon as their prey begins to feel better about themselves). 

Has anyone ever said to you “it’s okay, it’s not your fault, you are feeling this way because…; or “why are you feeling that way?  You should be feeling…”

If you “know” someone who has been through a traumatic experience in their lives, or cares to share any experience, you may truly believe you feel the same way. 

It is true that we may share similar feelings, or feelings of sorrow or happiness for/with another individual, but there is absolutely no way for any Human to know what is in the mind and heart of another individual, nor any other group of individuals. 

No matter what stage of life a Human is in mentally, no matter what life experiences they have had, and no matter what others think of any given situation, only the individual knows their own true mind and feelings.

Individual thinking and feeling are the ultimate freedoms for all Humans!

An individual’s thoughts and feelings belong solely to the individual until that individual shares their thoughts and feelings with another individual or group.

Either way, only the initial individual can truly identify with their own thoughts and feelings. 

When sharing their thoughts and emotions, a bond is created with others that, although unseen, can be exceedingly strong. 

This bond, in its purest form, enables proper pairing of our species, among other things.  The bond, much like a spider web, or matrix web, becomes overlapped as groups increase in quantity.  This web is strong in those who are able to continue the path of being just Human.  This web weakens as Human predators and Human prey combat against each other for the right to be afraid of who they really are.

Why are Humans afraid of being Human?  (rhetorical question!)

Please take note:

Human predators use this web to either initiate or perpetuate the cycle of despair and suffering either for their amusement, or because they are afraid.


Human predators have, in most cases, physical prowess.  They also have the capabilities of mental strategy, same as any other Human, sometimes more so (practice/experience enhances skills). 

Human predators have also developed their skill set over the course of centuries causing many to be concerned that it has become, or always has been, a part of our genetic make-up, that is, part of our DNA.

Humans hurt and kill other Humans – on purpose.  (Oh, yes, there are reasons.  There will always be reasons.  Reasons become excuses when awareness transpires.)

Human predators continue to perpetuate the suffering of Humanity by covering up reality with a false perception that seems so believable that people find faith in it, no matter what.

Predatory Humans watch for, and take full advantage of, the lowering of internal defenses of an individual, and of any group of individuals they deem below them, and create an illusion of reality that can fit with the profile of suffering that their prey has fallen under (such as grief).

The initial question would naturally be, why would anyone choose to do this to another Human being?

The answer is clear:

Deep down, most Human predators are simply afraid.  They are afraid of their own perceived inadequacies (usually by others projecting onto them), and the possibility that they will suffer the same ridicule they inflict. 

This is the ultimate perpetual cycle – suffer, feel good, suffer, feel good, suffer, feel good.  Where does it balance out?

Some Human predators enjoy being predators.  I suspect this to be the DNA group which would explain the problem, but, sadly, I have no knowledge of a solution.  I leave this in the capable hands of other Humans who are, or will be, in their rightful careers, (their purpose life!).

All in all, both predatory Humans and those who are/become Human prey have no control over their own thoughts and emotions, otherwise, they would just be Humans (neither predator nor prey).

Human predators’ own perception of their identity can become marred, smeared, and so distorted that, in their minds, they feel that in order to continue to exist, they, as well as everyone in their environment, must continuously re-enact portions of a life that they are stuck in.  

Traumatic events that have not been allowed to be released from the emotional overload the individual, or group of individuals, felt at the time of the event will more frequently require a system shut down, that is, sleep, from the stresses of carrying the pent-up emotions.  A mental and physical release of this energy is necessary in order to escape the time loop and continue down the path of purpose each Human must walk (metaphorically – it is actually hard-wired into each of us – see ….).

This is why talking to a professional healer who is neither a Human predator nor a Human prey, is good to do because there has been so much paranoia within every culture that we need professionals to turn to that we can trust not to judge us, unless judgement is warranted. 

It is extremely difficult for all Humans to accept the realization that all Humans have been subjected to believing in a reality that is the result of someone trying to gain control over the mind of an individual and/or group. 

It is a tug of war, of sorts, as the predatory Human struggles to gain/regain control, and the Human prey struggles to escape.

The fact that our security is in place to protect us from each other is ludicrous. 

The need for Human predators is unnecessary.

Yet, Human predators have persisted for centuries to the point of overconsumption of resources and chaos to all Humans.  Each uses the other as scapegoat while regular Humans breeze through, as best as they can, to envision, create and build necessary and recreational entertainment stability for all of Humanity.

All Humans must realize that everything begins with an individual choice.

Way back, thousands of years ago, someone got left alone, or bullied by others, thus beginning the emotion of fear of other Humans.

Although this is a valid explanation, as with many reasons to be offered, even an explanation becomes an excuse the moment the core root of the issue is recognized and understood. 

The only course of action remaining is to solve the problem.  Just like in math.  Find the solution to the problem and act to manifest the solution.

What is the problem?

As soon as someone reacts to something,

there is someone else around who feels it is their duty to judge the initial reaction (or call on judgment by a higher power),

even though it may be a natural, instinctual reaction to a situation,

because Humans are also inherently afraid of being judged in the same manor, afraid of making mistakes, and afraid that others will judge them for their mistakes, thoughts, and/or feelings,

Humans hide behind what they think others want to see in order to keep the peace/balance.

All Humans fear our lack of understanding of what is unknown, but also fear being ridiculed by others for not knowing and for being afraid.

Humans become so afraid, they begin to project their fears and insecurities onto others subconsciousness.  Those in their groups – family/friend/peer/community – either repel the ill feeling (energy/spirit) being released by the sufferer or they succumb to it and become emotionally enthralled with it.

It would be more advantageous for everyone to accept and acknowledge ignorance and fear, talk about it, then allow those within their healthy bonded group to help them recover the strength of their inner self so that thought processes are not interrupted by more unnecessary emotional turmoil.

On an individual basis, reconnecting with our inner selves means reconnecting with the normal flow of thought processes that each Human is programmed with, that is, our purpose in life as well as the internal energy force. 

Everything we do, from the moment we breathe our first breath of fresh air when we are born, is meant to guide us on the path of our individual and group journey.

In order for this to work, for the Human species to, not only survive, but thrive, we must begin to eradicate the conditioning of Human predators, on all levels, not just a selective few, no matter what excuse (reason) is thought up.

All Humans are capable of choosing to be the predator, the prey, both or neither.

All Humans choose, everyday, to live from their own mind and body or to live in the projected misguided perception of reality that is offered/forced upon them by other Humans who use this to control individuals and groups of individuals.

Within our current system of leadership – all countries/nations on Earth – Humans are represented by other Humans who are either elected or who confiscated authority over other Humans by those operating under and/or within, and/or over, said authority.

For the most part, today, on a national level, each leader of each country needs to focus on what every individual requires in order to live a basic life – healthy food, clean water, shelter, clothing and furnishings, full body health care (so, including dental; the last time I checked, teeth were still considered a part of the Human anatomy!), education, and security, within their own borders.

All of this should be available to all Humans (the economic portion will be explored in a future essay).

All Humans also need to have an opportunity to look at the choices needed to be made as a collective group within their own collective groups and eventually all the way up to planet wide. 

Everyone has the ability (the right) to consider their choices and to voice their concerns and opinions.

Within the circle of leaders, Human predators can be seen for who they are by applying the knowledge and accepting the truth that they are afraid to surrender to peace because Humans have not worked as a co-operative Species in well over 6000 years.

No one knows how to. 

Understand:  This is terrifying to all Humans. 


You are not alone.

There are over 7 billion Humans on planet Earth.  We should be far more advanced than what we are. 

Human predators and Human prey are holding back the evolutionary gears with their game of cat and mouse.

Thankfully, there are an increasing number of Humans who are neither predator nor prey, can lead, can follow, can envision, can dream, can create, can build, and can work together as a Human Species.

The role of all Humans within the species is to work together, explore the unknown, share experiences, and create a species-oriented culture with sub-cultures that enhance our level of existence.

Together, Humans will be, just Humans.