Every now and then, as was the case recently, I see and hear people talking about how they are”walked all over by others”.  First an explanation is necessary to proceed.  People say “walked all over by others ” signifying that someone is mentally or emotionally causing feelings of suppression and inadequacy in others.  They are behaving subjectively towards them or treating them with distain.  

The one person I am referring to, a relative, claims that she is being walked on because she has mental issues.  Although people with mental issues are prayed upon by bullies, it is my belief that victims become victims because they lack the confidence to become survivors, thus, the ability to fight back or just ignore them is out of their scope of reality.

I agree that mentally, physically, and socially disadvantaged people have a tough time in life and certainly outside factors have been known to influence these people in a disastrous way but I also feel that many people will habitually use these disabilities to their advantage in a plea for help.

First, people need to realize that no matter what issues they have, everyone else around them has issues they are dealing with as well.  There is a catchy tune I used sing to my boys whenever they whined about their misfortunes: “the world doesn’t revolve around you”!

Second, if people are “walking all over you” it is because you are letting them.  Think about that statement before you get all defensive about it.  I know this to be true because I have let people walk all over me for most of my life.  Now that I don’t, people call me all sorts of names and say I’m being selfish but I know that these are the same people who are crying because they are being bullied by others (hence the true meaning of “being walked all over)!  Face it, misery loves company and people don’t like to see others happy.  

I was bullied my whole life even by my own family!  I said, “no more”.  I have decided to be a survivor and live life my way and if nobody likes it, too @&$#&@$ bad!  No longer shall I be subjugated!

This is exactly how people need to react. Stop allowing others to bully you; stop allowing others to be dominant over you!

Once people stop allowing others to control them they will realize that they need only control themselves to be stronger and make this world a better place for everyone.  

Take self defence classes.  Learn how to be prepared for encounters.  Learn how to feel good about yourself (this is the greatest shield ever)!

Above all, quit feeling sorry for yourself and do something about the situation you are in!  Easier said than done, but, it can be done! I know from experience! I struggle every day with this realization but everyday the struggle is lessened!  I wish the same for you!