This is generally how I like to share my solitude! It is important to me to spend time on my own because it helps me clear my thoughts. Spending this time with my horses (the two girls inside the fence!) helps me to find pleasure and happiness. Animals do a lot of good therapy work on humans and when I have the ability (since I don’t live on the land with them yet) to spend my quiet time with them, I find my body and soul heal just a little, my smile deepens and I feel at peace.

Like the horse outside of the fence (he owns and guards the farm!) I feel that I am going through a sort of rehabilitation. What better place to do so than a sanctuary for animals. I love spending my solitary time with them because then I don’t feel alone.

This picture was taken before the end of the year, probably about Octoberish. I texted my boyfriend to let him know that the fence didn’t appear to be working, it’s electric! I just had to capture the picture! On this particular day I was not alone because a friend had come over to help work on their shelter in the pasture they are in now. I reflect on this picture knowing that since then, I have had many opportunities to just ‘hang out’ with them! I enjoy their company and they are good listeners!

When I am at home, I have some opportunities to have quiet time, as I call it! Yes, I have kids, though they are young men now (16 and almost 19). I do enjoy my solitude at home as well because I can work on things like this and concentrate better! The only disturbance I get, which is welcome, is the five cats I have because they all want to lay on top of me! The preferred spot is where the keyboard sits on my lap! I don’t have a desk, I type while sitting up on my bed!

Solitude means quiet time. It means reflecting, planning, creating, without human interruption!


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