Craft refers to a lot of variation of creativity, work and art. To me it is all these things wrapped up into one and yet srpeads over a vast network of life. In my writing, my craft is my use of my imagination. I have one book finished and waiting for publishing. I am on my second book as well as a serial for The Quill Magazine! I am very excited about both.

Another crraft I have taken on is that of leather making. I have made only a few items due to recovering from a broken hand, and the skill involved take time to develop, as in any craft.

Jewelry is the only craft I could work on, besides my writing, and I was able to make quite a bit whick I am trying to sell on Etsy. Again, these skills take time and I have a long way to develop this craft as well.


By Mugsimegatron

Hello fellow Humans! My goal is to reach as many people as possible to encourage growth through balance of mind and soul. Please feel free to read my work. Donations greatly appreciated.

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