One trembles in fear when life throws you into an unexpected loop. Anxiety levels rise in certain situations, causing the body to tremble.

Take, for instance, a refugee coming into our country. I can only imagine what fears they must harbour leaving their homelands for a foreign land. When refugees arrive, they are greeted with both eagerness from welcoming people and hatred from those that wish them deported or turned away at the border.

Sometimes I sit and wonder what would happen if the roles were revearsed.

Imagine, if you will, our country at war. Our Government experiences a coup by a faction of religious extremists, say Jahova Witnesses. (I’m only using this particular Christian sect to prove a point)

Imagine, if you will, a voice coming across the radio, the t.v., the internet, “I am Joseph, leader of the Jahova Witness and my army and I now have full control of your country. We are tired of the neutrality this country has shown to the world. We will show you our strength. As I speak, bombs are being dropped in major centres across Canada.” A brief pause. In the back ground, sounds of explosions take place.

Thinking that this is some elaborate hoax, for how can anyone do this in Canada, you begin to laugh. Suddenly, sitting high in your office on the twenty-third floor, or whereever, you hear what sounds like an explosion not far away. You begin to tremble as you realize that it is possible for Canada to fall victim to extremists of any culture or religion, including Christianity.

You go to the window. Smoke eminates from the building two blocks away. A plane flies overhead and as you watch, you see something fall from it. As realizationd sets in, you run. You know it is a bomb and it is only a matter of time before the next one hits your building.

Outside your office, everyone is panicking. When you reach the elevator, it is packed with people who are panicking. Realizing the elevator is a big mistake anyway, you make for the stairs; they too are jammed packed. Out in the streets, people are running for their lives, their greatest fears met, everyone thinks along similar terms: we must leave our country, flee the atrosities. Suddenly, we are the refugee seeking shelter from the storm of humanity.

Tremble? Yes, this would make me tremble and this is only a brief glimpse into what I imagine a refugee must go through before they even leave their country.

Please think twice about people, everyone has fear, everyone trembles, but humans are the greatest cause of it.

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