It’s funny that today’s prompt is heard because many people spend too much time ignoring others.  I may say to my boyfriend that I heard what he said but this is not the same as understanding what he says.  Leon is teaching me about using weights correctly, eating correctly, and many other things attributed to gaining muscle properly without hurting myself. I am entrusting my body to him and rely on his teachings to improve myself.  

Before my horse kicked and broke my left hand, I worked out with Leon for about two months but didn’t really listen to what he was saying.  I took time off to heal, which I shouldn’t have done, I should have found easier exercises or worked on my legs more, but, In retrospect, I needed to realize that I was being stubborn. 

I began to work weights mid way through January, when my hand was strong enough, but this time I’ve been doing it for me.  I now listen to Leon and find I am getting stronger by the day.

Many people don’t listen or don’t get the right information so they end up hurting themselves in the long run.  Voices of true leaders and true friends must be heard if we are to make any gains in life, be it weight gains or life gains.  The problem is, who has the right to be heard? This is a conscious choice we all have to make.  I saw, if it feels right , it probably is right but use your brain and think.  Fairytales blind us and so do people who think they know everything. Be careful but staying smart and someday your voice will be heard by others.

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