Community Pool

Actually, not the word of the day! Must have been on the road at the time! I wasn’t driving but the back roads can be bumpy and I wanted to get a story in before we got home!
Today’s word prompt is interesting, especially while I listen to Guns and Roses: Civil War. Well, not willingly! A good song just takes me back to a time I miss but can’t go back to!!
Community Pool – Another memory! When I was a teeny-bopper, that’s what we preteens were called then, we lived in Toronto. Every summer day we spent at the community pool. It was a lot of fun.
I actually don’t like swimming or being in the water unless it’s a pool. I am a good swimmer but nearly drowned in a river when I was little because I had the type of father who thought the best way to teach a to swim was to throw me in the water and either I’d sink or swim. My sister dove in to save me with my father standing by wondering why that didn’t work. I nearly drowned her trying to get out when we surfaced. Surprisingly, I did actually drown in a small pool (I should be dead, yes, one of my “cat lives” gone!)
By the time we moved to Toronto, I was 11, I was petrified of water. Thankfully, the public school I attended from grade 5 to 8 taught swimming at the local arena in grade 6. I became a competent swimmer, to the point that the high school I went to later on wanted me on the swim team! Needless to say, swimming in the community pool was a treat! I never did go on the swim team. Just not for me. Today I rarely swim, though, I miss it. I have access to Lake Temiskaming, about a half hour drive from where I live but it is winter, and, even in the summer, it’s not a very warm lake. I really don’t like cold water!

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