Night Shift

One month in and I’m still there!  I can honestly say I would rather suffer from insomnia at home where I can write or read!

Working at night has, as always, advantages and disadvantages!  For one thing, I get to be home to feed my horses twice a day!  I can do yard work or build, whatever during the day!

However, I must also sleep!!  I nap more than sleep.  Sometimes for four or five hours I can get a steady slumber but then I still need to nap for a couple of hours later on.  I feel energetic one day then extremely exhausted the next.

Once I’m at work I go at a good pace, which has surprised me!  I enjoy my job!

Thankfully, this job is not permanent!  I will to make writing my permanent job!

By Mugsimegatron

Hello fellow Humans! My goal is to reach as many people as possible to encourage growth through balance of mind and soul. Please feel free to read my work. Donations greatly appreciated.

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